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AOR works first to understand the business problem and key objectives of any research program before providing a recommended approach.  Our focus is to optimise the design to provide strategic guidance and actionable results.

The best solution may include one or many of the following methodologies:

  • Best quality online research

  • Hybrid online-CATI approach

  • Integrated qualitative and quantitative design

  • Application of behavioural theory 

  • Complex statistical and multivariate analysis


Using multiple methodologies requires a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each in order to manage the survey design and fieldwork to deliver the best quality sample, and then to calibrate and weight the sample to provide an accurate and representative picture.  AOR has vast experience in this area, including:

  • Sampling

  • Weighting and Modeling

  • Calibration

In particular, many clients have migrated tracking studies to online, or are now considering migration from CATI and face-to-face interviewing.  Key considerations in doing so are:

  • Online is a different medium and the same questions can result in very different results across methodologies

  • Researchers need to understand which questions will generate such differences, how significant they are and how to correct for them or ‘build a bridge’ between a previous method or online.

  • This requires a short period of parallel research, using both the previous methodology and online, and analysis of differences and then weighting requirements to calibrate the online to the previous method.

  • Once the bridge has been built, the client can then stay with online going forward.

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