Insights on demand

Our real-time insights on demand platform delivers consumer insights at the speed of culture. 
It's faster, cheaper, expert led and globally driven to tap into any market segment any time.




STAGE 1: Introduction

Idea validation

Screen early stage ideas and disruptive concepts.
Gather essential insights to validate a successful idea into any market place.

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STAGE 2 : Introduction

Concept testing

Before developing your product test and trial concepts across all touch brand points.

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STAGE 3: Growth

Price modelling

Is your product or service too cheap or too expensive? Trial price points and discover the consumer demographics you're brand is likely to engage with.

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STAGE 4: Growth

Content testing

Test all forms of your content before creating and launching. 
This creates opportunity for refinements, improvements and if necessary a complete brand strategy overhaul.

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STAGE 5: Growth

Creative effectiveness

Find out how effective your creative marketing will be, not how effective it was.

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STAGE 6: Growth

Brand awareness

Who knows about your brand? Who doesn't? How can you reach them? 
Strengthen your brands ability to create affinity within the minds of its consumers.

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Stage 7: Growth

Brand equity

Discover the consumer value and perception of the brand name, a product or service, rather than from the product or service itself.

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STAGE 8: Maturity

Consumer satisfaction

Uncover what consumers are really saying and thinking about your brand. 
We measure how a brands products and services meet or surpass consumer expectations.

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Stage 9: Maturity

Customer satisfaction

Customer needs is the check list that a consumer requires when purchasing a brands product or service. 
We create a perfect market match for you consumers needs.

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Stage 10: Maturity

Choice modelling

MyChoice is a unique tool that mimics real life decision-making to identify the drivers of brand choice.

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